Welcome to the EDI Resource Bank!

This database has been developed to support individuals, teams and institutions in developing and implementing diversity strategies. By sharing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)-related initiatives and reports from organisations and Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in this repository, users can learn from the good practice of others.

The EDI Resource Bank brings together two types of materials:

  1. EDI reports - Resources produced by organisations supporting teaching and research in HEIs
  2. EDI initiatives - Resources produced to improve EDI within organisations and institutions

In bringing these materials together which are otherwise disparate, the EDI Resource Bank enables users to understand and critique their local environment in relation to the national picture.

This supports the development of materials and processes within individual departments and institutions by hosting examples of good practice from around the UK.

Anybody can upload reports and resources to the EDI Resource Bank; these will then be moderated by members of the University of Nottingham’s EDI Team before going live. The University of Nottingham’s EDI Team also update the EDI Resource Bank regularly.

The EDI Resource Bank portal was developed as part of the STEMM-Change project at the University of Nottingham, funded by the Inclusion Matters programme, but hosts resources relevant to all areas of research and teaching across HEIs.